Mojo Wisdom

Los Angeles, CA

Mojo Wisdom is a Los Angeles based band formed by guitarist Jonathan Lamas. Lamas, a student of the Musonia School of Music (founded by the mother of the late guitarist Randy Rhoads), is known for combining classic vocal stylings with dark melodic undertones. Original band demos featured songs written and performed entirely by Lamas. For live performances, Lamas has featured various musicians on bass and drums.


In December of 2012, one week before Christmas, Lamas began recording the single "Whichever Way I Go" at SessionWorks Studios in Dallas, Texas. Originally written in the Fall of 2005, the song features Lamas on guitars and vocals, bandmates Mike McMillin (Drums, Percussion) Billy M. Brackeen Jr. (Bass, Keys, Slide Guitar) and Zoe McMillin (Backing Vocals).


When asked about the origins of the song, Lamas said, "I remember it clearly. I was sitting in my apartment in Hollywood one evening, watching the falling rain outside my window. The lyrics began to flow, one word, then another. I've never experienced anything like it. It's as though the song wrote itself."

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